Review: Between You and Me by Atul Khanna

The governance models based on social, constitutional, economic and administrative structure were conceptualised in the nineteenth century or earlier and were executed in the twentieth century. India is our setting, but the problem is universal. This book challenges the existing structures and provokes the youth to think out of the box to combat such challenges.


The book talks about lots of things. From Indian’s growth, development to Indian’s struggle. Not only this but also it talks about India’s great personalities and political leaders. I must say that book is very well researched. The readers can find lots of information about different topics. The language is simple.
The cover is light and attractive.
A must read book.

Title: 3.5/5

Cover: 4/5

Language: 4/5

Content: 4/5

Narration: 4/5

Over all: 4/5

Author: souravchatterjee8293

Hi. I'm Sourav. I'm an avid Reader, Writer, Actor, Director. Passionate about Photography. Love to Explore, Connect with new people. Love Creativity!

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